Buying your first unicycle


Second-hand is cheaper!

Once a year, Aldi Australia sells "Crane Brand" unicycles (I'm not sure about Aldi in any other countries)

Wait a few weeks after the Aldi sale, and you'll find hundreds of 'used once' unicycles for sale, on second hand market places like:



Facebook marketplace

Craig's List

How to choose


What size should I get?

Unicycles are sold by their wheel size, in inches.

Unless you're buying for a child under five, start with a 20" wheel.

Don't pay more than $30 for a second-hand unicycle. Don't spend alot, unless you are absolutely committed and dedicated to learning it. 

If you do want to spend more and get something sturdier, Torker brand has a slightly wider tyre, and is good for beginners. 

Learn to get your balance on a 20" first, then you can progress up the sizes. It doesn't take much to ride a bigger-sized wheel because once you've got your balance, your body will work the bigger wheel out after just a couple of rides. Bigger wheels are just less responsive, go faster, need bigger turning circles, and are further to fall!

Unicycle progression is: 16" / 20"/ 24" / 26" / 27.5" / 29" / 32" / 36" / Penny Farthing. Of course, you'll need to buy all of these sizes, just in case.

Types of unicycle

Yes, there are different types. You wouldn't ride your expensive track bike on a downhill mountain bike track. So it is for unicycles. There are many different styles of riding, so pick the right uni for the ride: 

Flatland, freestyle, trials/street, racing, giraffe, endurance riding or muni (mountain unicycling).

The correct number of unicycles to own is always N+1, where N is the number you currently own.

Crank size

Start big, it's easier for hills. Just go with what comes with the uni. You can muck about with crank sizes later .


Because there are only 40 unicyclists in the entire world, there's not really a market for comfy seats. You'll just have to test them all out, eventually.

Famous Unicyclists

Ed Pratt

Ed Pratt who rode his unicycle around the world

British legend Ed Pratt was the first ever person to unicycle around the world. His trip took three years, 21,000 miles (33,000 klms), and he raised GBP300,000 for a charity: School in a Bag. 

I drove an hour and a half to catch up with Ed when he crossed Australia, and he gave me some arse-saving tips!

Check out Ed's Youtube vids!

Sophie-Ann Rodet

Sophie-Ann Rodet who rode a solo unicycle journey in South America

In 2013, French-Canadien woman, Ann-Sophie Rodet completed a 1,480 mile (4,600 klms) solo journey across Patagonia on a unicycle, starting from Ushuaia in South American, all the way north to Santiago, Chile!


Cary Gray

Cary Gray the American unicyclist

Cary Gray is an American unicyclist who set out to ride the world in 2014, passing through 11 countries and 22,000 kilometres. 

He is also an accomplished artist, having written and illustrated (via foot painting!) a children's book about unicycling, and once rode a Unicycle in an Iron-Man triathalon!

And, he makes custom-made unicycle touring pannier bags!

read this article about cary

Gracie Cole

Gracie Cole riding her unicycle across the United States of America

 In 2006, Gracie, as a 16 year old, was the first woman to ride a unicycle 3,566 miles coast to coast across the  United States, and then later in 2009, off-road from Canada to Mexico along the  Continental Divide.  

Her stats from her Across the US ride included: 

flat tyres: 1
tyres used: 4
# of identifiable types of roadkill: 27
# dogs that chased me: 14
# servings of ice cream: 144
% of riding days that i cried: 29
# thunderstorms ridden through: 8
marriage proposals: 2 

Gracie's website

Kris Holm

Kris Holm the pioneer of mountain unicycling balancing on a unicycle on the side of a mountain

Considered a pioneer and 'inventor' of Mountain Unicycling . Kris  is one of the world’s most experienced and best-known mountain  unicyclists. He is the founder of competitive unicycle trials and created an award for riding called the Evolution of Balance Award

Kris now manufacturers and sells quality unicycles under the 'Kris Holm' brand name.                    

Kris's website

Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson riding his 36" unicycle around Australia for 'Love Your Sister'

Samuel Johnson is an Australian actor, who in 2014, rode a 36" unicycle almost 16,000 klms around Australia, to raise $1.8 million for the charity "Love Your Sister", to help his sister who died from cancer in 2017.

An epic ride from an epic bloke!

Samuel's website

Still, more famous unicyclists

The Unipiper

Unipiper in Portland Oregon wearing a darth vader mask playing flaming bagpipes and riding a unicyle

 The Unipiper is an amazing American dude from Portland, Oregon, who unicycles whilst playing (a flaming) bagpipe, wearing a Darth Vader mask, oh, and a kilt...He usually belts out the Game of Thrones theme or Star Wars tunes..


Find out more about the unipiper

Red Panda

Red Panda on a giraffe unicycle at the NBA

Red Panda is a performance artist who does acrobatic tricks using a (very high) giraffe unicycle, and empty eating bowls, in the US National Basketball League. In 2018, someone stole her unicycle ....


Lutz Eichholz

Lutz Eichholz riding a unicycle down a mountain. Mountain unicycling

Lutz likes to ride very fast, down very very big mountains. Mountains that you and I wouldn't even consider riding on a normal bike on. 

Oh, and Lutz also has the Guinness World Record for Longest Distance by Unicycle on a Line of Beer Bottles..and a World Record Slackline unicycle ride. Just because....

Watch Lutz ride mountains




Send me some details about your favourite, most awesome unicyclist, and I'll feature them here in Unicyclist of the Week!

Where to Buy half a bike




other wierd stuff done with unicycles

Unicycles + American Football. Uh huh. for real...

Unicycle Hockey

MUNI - mountain unicycling - at it's craziest

Extreme mountain unicycling. Because normal offroad unicycling isn't challenging enough...

International Unicycling Organisations

Want to connect with a local club? 

Contact your country's organisation and they can link you up with a local club and riders in your own country. 

Find out more