Err, why this?

 A friend once said of adventure books (cue sarcastic voice)  ‘..some hard stuff happened, then you climbed Mount Everest and wrote a book about it’…

Well, some hard stuff did happen a few years ago now, but here’s the five reasons I decided to do this:

  1. I first owned a unicycle in 2005, but it sat in my friend’s garage for 10 years
  2. I don’t mind a bit of a bike ride all over the place, it was my fave thing to do as a youngster
  3. I just always wanted to do this. Since 2011. I don’t really know why. I just did
  4. I had a tough relationship with someone very difficult and said it would be easier to ride a unicycle around the world, than to have had that relationship. I'm just going to test that theory out now..