Why this middle-aged woman decided to ride a unicycle around the world

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My background


Hi, I'm Kelli. 

I wasn't a sports star at school. But I did ride my bike (a normal bike with two wheels), everywhere as a teenager. I did some study, became an accountant, got a mortgage. And then got a life shock. 

My story


I almost didn't make it through 2015, and decided that in celebration of being alive, I was going to do 'something interesting' with my life

My adventures


That 'something interesting' turned out to be unicycling the world. 

Only I couldn't actually ride a unicycle.. 

Why I decided to unicycle the world

where am i at now..

My big life transition

Learn how it was I went from being an unfit accountant, to someone who can ride BIG unicycles, the planning process I undertook, the internal work I had to do, all to get me to the starting line for this massive endeavour

Listen to this podcast interview with me by jacob sokol


During big adventure planning, it's easy to get bored and stale, and think you're not making progress (and actually not making progress). 

So why not throw an unexpected challenge into the mix? 

Learn how it was I came to ride a unicycle for 11 days, and 430 kilometres, the length of Taiwan.

intrepid magazine's article on how I rode a unicycle the length of taiwan

Future Adventures

There's plenty more unicycle adventure training and preparation under way.

This year I'm heading off to ride Korea, and  Papua New Guinea.

Stay tuned by subscribing below, for my progress updates. 

Not just about the rides, but about the internal work I'll continue to do, the gear I'll take and how I'll carry it, and how a change in plans has added a new dimension to this for me. 


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